+48 514 728 775

+48 514 728 775

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About us

Garnamama is a young and dynamic company of professionals. We manufacture and sell high quality kids’ clothes from natural materials to clients and partners in more than 12 countries. 
We work with more than 150 manufactures in Ukraine. To keep our quality at a high level, all the materials and products go through Quality Control Department.

One of our goals is to make kids comfortable and happy. In order to do this, our Designers’ Team work hard to get new ideas every day and implement them into great clothes.

We all in Garnamama have common values and goals, that we want to share with our clients: uncompromising quality, reasonable prices, happy kids and parents

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Our philosophy

Our main goal is to offer a good quality at an affordable price. We know you always want the best for the children. That's why we put quality and safety first. And we produce the clothes with our own children in mind so we are sure about the priorities.

But it's not only quality that we have to think about. We also want our kids to look beautiful from the day they are born. To let them feel the style when they absorb everything they see around. So we add a little art to every collection to evoke the best of emotions.

And, of course, we also want these beautiful pieces to be affordable. Both for us and our clients. So we produce them in Ukraine where quality-price ratio is currently the best in the world. 

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Choosing the fabrics is one of the most important first steps in the quality control system. 
Most of our clothes are made of 100% cotton. We use fabrics that are natural, safe, having a soft touch and easy to take care of. That's why we use thicker fabrics like cotton interlock with 220 g per sq. meter — the quality you can actually feel.
For prints we use technics that allow us to make images bright, durable and safe. 
Our Quality Control Department takes care of manufacturing clothes at all stages as well as final checks.

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One of the most fantastic processes is a design of kids’ clothes. We have a team of highly professional designers, who create unique atmosphere in the company. Creative thinking, new ideas, implementation and satisfaction from the result.

Every detail in our collection is a result of work of our talented design department. That is where the magic is born. We start from the sketch and control the whole production cycle to be sure that every incredible idea of our designers is implemented exactly as they see.

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  • Headquaters: Kyiv, Ukraine

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    Kyiv, Peremohy str. 9A

    +38 050 701 61 02

  • Office and warehouse in EU: Warsaw, Poland

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    Warsaw, Hoża str. 86/410

      +48 514 728 775