Pajamas glowing in the dark

Pajamas glowing in the dark

Pajamas glowing in the dark are a highlight of Garnamama's pajama collections that we are very proud of. All the prints of pajamas from the Neon collection come to life at nightfall.


Pajama RabbitPajama Rabbit

There are two lines of glowing pajamas—pajamas with long sleeves and pants and pajamas with short sleeves and shorts. We sew long sleeve pajamas from 100% cotton fabric, for short sleeve pajamas we use 97% cotton and 3% elastane fabric.


The dyes we use for the pajamas are absolutely safe for children and do not cause allergies. The print is placed on the front side of the fabric, so there is no direct contact with the child's skin. If you are worried that after washing the pajamas may lose their magic, it is absolutely in vain. Even after many washings, the paint will not fade or dull, and the pattern will continue to shine – just put them in the sun or under a lamp for a while.



We always have a wide range of pajamas. If a style is currently not on the site, please contact us at or Our manager will let you know when they are back in stock and send a catalog with all the available designs. 

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