Delivery and payment

We are very flexible and work individually, and based on our experience, we offer very different schemes of cooperation.

We are currently selling from two warehouses. From our warehouse in Warsaw, Poland, we ship your order the next day after payment (except weekend and holidays). The minimum order amount is 150 euros. Shipments from our warehouse in Kyiv, Ukraine, are carried out regularly, but the waiting time will be longer. Usually, delivery takes from 2 to 4 weeks.

Now the site presents only the range of our Polish warehouse. If you would like to order something that was not presented on the site, please contact us at We will provide all information on products, prices and delivery times.

If your order includes goods from both warehouses, then when placing an order, you can choose the option that is convenient for you. We can either divide your order into two and send the order first from the warehouse in Warsaw, and then, when ready, the order from the Kyiv warehouse. Or you can wait until your order is complete and receive it in one package. Our manager will arrange all the details with you.

By ordering in advance, you get the opportunity to get absolutely exclusive things, since all the powers of Ukrainian industry are at your service at the best price. In this case, terms are individual (from 6 to12 weeks).

For any order from any warehouse, you draw up an agreement with a Polish company and delivery is carried out according to European rules.

We work with most carriers in Europe so that the terms of delivery are optimal in terms of time and cost. Estimated shipping cost to some European countries:

Delivery cost