About us

Garnamama is a brand created in 2014 in Ukraine. Our main purpose is to acquaint the whole world with Ukrainian quality, creativity, and desire to create something new. We want to prove that children's clothing as well as the basic adult wardrobe, can be bright, stylish, but at the same time remain quite budget-friendly.

Our strong points

All our products are manufactured at the factories of Ukraine, considering all the requirements of the European consumers. The products have a unique EAN code that allows you to keep track of the balance by size and color of products.

On the European market, we act as suppliers for online stores. Understanding the specific of e-commerce, we provide excellent content for your online store. That includes a detailed description in different languages in any format that can be uploaded both manually and automatically. Also, we provide many professional photos as well as the photos of the products on the models. For capsule collections, we also provide video content.

Despite the fact that we primarily talk about the quality and exclusivity of our collections, the prices for our products always remain democratic and suitable for any wallet.

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